Innovation & Development

Core activity of Spectac is R&D to make innovative and better products, services and solutions for the operators at risk.
Spectac has in-house capability to develop products from idea to industrialized production line.

Spectac signal and electronics engineering capabilities consist of industrial electronic design experience, from major electronic system design to theoretical studies using advanced simulation techniques and detailed electronic design for subsea controls, automotive, avionics, and military systems. Spectac is an industrial partner for Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Working closely with research facilities and units on project with everything from Proof-of-Concepts to production and industrialization.


Diagnostic trainer

Developed and designed for EOD operators to train and maintain circuit diagnostic skills. The Diagnostic Trainer allows the operator learn, train and maintain procedures and techniques on everything from basic detonator diagnostics to more advanced switch and sensor diagnostics. 

exercise board

The Exercise Board allows the operator to build devices and set up scenarios without spending time with circuit design and soldering. It consist of a variety of built in electronics, selectable inputs for switches and sensor, and protected and unprotected outputs. 


sensor trainer

Developed for EOD and Technical Operators dealing with 
advanced improvised circuits and alarm systems. The Sensor Trainer is a modular system that may be set up as a desktop training system in conjunction with the Sensor Simulator Box.


SPECTAC combines the intrinsic knowledge from decades of operational experience within the military and law enforcement sector with over 40 years of experience in technology and electronics. With a focus on counter terrorism, counter-IED & technical intelligence, SPECTAC develops products and training programs for the world’s most exacting defense and security professionals, working within conventional and Special Forces units.